Erica Michelle Larkin

Who  Am I?


I am a star student
I am a basketball player
I am a photographer
I am a volleyball player
I am a re-builder of houses with RTSC
I am a girl with 10,003 best friends
I am the
Great Granddaughter of Charles Joseph Larkin (of Ireland) and Claire Fosburgh Larkin (of Vermont)
Granddaughter of Dr. Brian J. Larkin and Dr. Elizabeth Anne VanderPutten (of Washington, D.C.)
Granddaughter of Joy Smith (of Liverpool, NY)
Granddaughter of Alice Hills Larkin (of Saratoga, NY)
Favorite Niece of Shannon Larkin (of Schenectady, NY)
Favorite Niece of Kathi/Kati/Katie/Kathleen Larkin/Lyon/Martinez/Kuznetsov (of Albuquerque, NM)
Favorite Daughter of Daniel Brian and Michelle Ann Ganison Larkin (of Saratoga Springs, NY)
Favorite Sister of Shane Daniel Larkin (of Saratoga Springs, NY)


This is me with Kali, she's so nice.
January 2006


I am sometimes pensive. 2007

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